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Mar, 23
Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Welcome to our 1st ever blog post!

So have you had your head in the clouds about going Cloud?

Well…i’ve written a guide giving 5 astronomical cloud benefits for you and your organisation to consider in order to improve your business automation and information workflows, after all we don’t want you to suffer from clouded thoughts, so let’s clear the air.


Cloud computing is essentially storing and accessing information and data over the internet, rather than having to physically build computing infrastructures, operating systems and software. According to Gartner’s recent report, worldwide aggregated spend on cloud shift is estimated by 2020 to hit $216 billion, compared with 2016 which achieved roughly $111 billion. That’s a 95% progression within 4 years, huge adoption, right? This market is likely to gain significant growth due to organisations aligning their strategies in the value that cloud can offer companies. So, why move to the cloud? There are several reasons, but the most candid one is top: focus on your core competency – doing great business. Given this, let’s mention 5 other benefits of going to cloud right now.

1. Cost Savings: this is the first benefit for companies using cloud, saving money not investing in your own data centre, equipment, staff and all related maintenance servicing costs. Another point is that it can be offered in a pay-as-you-use model and priced based on the service – IaaS (amount of time you use it), SaaS (number of users or storage) and PaaS (memory consumed per hour). Basically, you only pay for what you consume, allowing you to make a scalable economy. Many of the CxO suite and Business Leaders have calculated their ROI for cloud adoption into their business strategies, budgets, and business roadmaps, could this be your route to join them on cloud 9.

2. Flexibility and Integration: connected devices, multitudes of locations, mobile information access are all parts of the today’s modern business. This can be easily done by deploying cloud services. Also, if you need increase your capacity due to business growth or other reasons, it’s simple to scale up or scale down giving you agility to support your business necessities. Another point is integrated and real-time information available, permitting you working from anywhere in a fast-paced environment. Most companies deal with different systems and platforms, and it’s, impossible to interchange data and have all the information needed without integration issues, cloud can make this possible.

3. Data Security and Compliance: with your data storage in the cloud you don’t have to fear if you or someone else loses that laptop or device (other than the painful inconvenience, compromise and personal loss), worry not you still have access to all the information no matter what happens with the machine. Besides that, matching the data security standards for industries is a basic for cloud providers, vendors such as Microsoft and its partners have already started releasing materials on how their customers, and EU businesses can plan to remain compliant on (GDRP) from a software and cloud perspective, the new EU General Data Protection Regulations which will take effect from 25th May 2018 with fines for breaches costing 4% of annual turnover or 25 million euros whichever is greater. Microsoft Azure cloud is built to G-cloud standards international government grade, watch the short video on Azure datacentre infrastructure and all investment made to assure total security in data flow. Think big data cyber security.

4. Fast adoption and Easy Upgrades: it’s simple to set up and run your entire company on the cloud, it can take a few hours or days rather than installing, configuring and building a data centre and services which can take months or years. Also, no worries anymore with maintenance and upgrading to latest the software, as mentioned before in the case of necessity you can scale up or down anytime, embrace agile and sky’s the limit.

5. The future is cloud: like it or not, your business will move to the cloud in some shape or form. According to a recent survey by IDC 80% of Business Leaders (LOB’s) / IT decision makers clearly see a strategic need for their business to adopt cloud as a means to compete more effectively. Apps, integrated information, security, (Vacancy Database Administrator) always on, high availability, backups, mobile working, sales & marketing are all necessities for every and any company that plans a prosperous future in the digital world.

The reality is the benefits and cost savings, overshadow many reasons to remain on-premise another star benefit, helping companies increase profitability, scalable operations for their businesses with real-time information, agility and flexibility. Are you going to be a late adopter tied to an on-premise operation and infrastructures? This is the reason that Redmond92 is pioneering its cloud offerings, all solutions provided can be totally cloud-based or hybrid.

The questions are YOU ready for change?



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